Special Committees

Standing Committees: The purpose of these committees is to keep a watchful eye on our property and notify the Board of Directors of any repairs, replacements, or attention that might be required. Some committees are also involved in organizing and planning our social activities and events. These committees are the heart and soul of our condo association and help to keep our Directors and owners informed and involved in the day to day happenings of the association .

Building:  Dan Martens, Jim Felling

Pool/Spa:  Susan Stock, Rob Conser

Docks:  Dan Martens, Bob Steinhacker, Mike Pappas

Common Areas:  Nancy Martens, Marianne Steinhacker, Susan Stock

Lift Station/Sewer:  Rob Conser, Woody Hodgkins

Social Committee:  Angie Conser, Marianne Steinhacker, Susan Stock

Grounds/Landscaping:  Susan Stock, Dee Wright, Marilyn Castor

Meeting Room Reservations:  Joan Knipe

Compliance/Fining:  Barbara McKee, Marilyn Castor

Temporary Committees:  The purpose of these committees is to complete a specific task.  They are formed as needed and provide information and research to the Board of Directors and owners.  The committees continue to function as needed until the original task is completed.

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